Sunday, 22 August 2010

I am after your Islamic Stories

Assalamu Alaikum!

Today's Blog Post is about YOU!

I am after your Islamic Stories.

These should be your life experiences concerning Islam.

It can be about any of the following (for example);

How has Islam been;

Inspirational to you?
A strength for you?
A guide for you?
What ticks you about Islam?
What is it in Islam that motivates you and keeps you going?
Share your good and bad experiences with others.
Share your thoughts and ideas and opinions on Islam.
Anything else :-)

By submitting your story to me you are accepting that I can share your story (If you wish to remain anonymous then please just say and I will keep your name confidential) with others.

My intention is to create a blog and share YOUR stories in one area for Muslims and non-Muslims to read and bring them closer to Islam.

Inshallah, this idea will become a great success.

I look forward to hearing all about your Islamic experiences.

Please submit your stories here by email (No attachments please); Your Islamic Story

Zain Rahman.

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