Monday, 30 August 2010

The Non-Islamic Muslim

Assalamu Alaikum,

The reason for today's blog post is because a few days ago a Muslim brother tweeted the following message in reply to somebody;

"There is no such thing as a NON-ISLAMIC MUSLIM!"

Well I beg to differ.

That comment has played on my mind for a few days ... well, because ... I believe I work with a Non-Islamic Muslim.

She is a born Muslim. However, these are her views;

She says that if I even suggest to her that she wear Hijab she will kill me. In fact, she believes Muslim men should lead by example and wear Hijab, and then she'll consider it.

She says that if she wants to wear a mini skirt at work (which she does, or tight pants) and look pretty in front of others then that is her right to do so.

She does not pray because she does not need to as she has not suffered hardships, and has always had everything she's wanted.

She does not fast during Ramadan because she is not overweight and already maintains a controlled diet of "5-a-day fruit and veg". With regards to charity, she believes it is the governments responsibility to provide for the citizens of their country.

So, do you think she is an Islamic Muslim, or a Non-Islamic Muslim?

1 comment:

  1. She is Islam by birth. but she does't follow righteous path as a Muslim
    and what Islamic value are. so pity with her.

    May ALLAH Show her The Right Path. Ameen.