Sunday, 5 September 2010

How much Tarawih did you do?

Assalamu Alaikum,

Today's blog subject will be about Tarawih.

The reason for my blog post is because yesterday after Asr Namaaz's a Brother approached me and invited me to do Tarawih at a local community hall.

He said that it was a one off event that takes place every year and would be starting soon with lectures from speakers, then Iftar, followed by more talks and then Tarawih.

I said Insha'Allah, it sounded really interesting and I would try and make it.

As we ended the conversation he said, "Oh by the way, Tarawih will only be 8 Rak'ats because there will be speakers doing Tafseer, explaining the Rak'ats that were recited.

We salamed each other and left but that last comment made me uneasy... because I was left asking myself ...

... is 8 Rak'ats Tarawih acceptable?

So, today's blog is to seek your education on this matter, because, I have read the Quran and a lot of hadith books and nowhere have a found that 8 rak'ats is permissible.

So, apologies if I am not educated fully on this matter but I would like to discuss this topic to gain a better understanding.

I do not believe 8 Rak'ats is acceptable, it is not a Sunnah to do just eight rak'ats?

So, I am going to try to appeal to your inner self .. and ask those who do 8 rak'ats to stop!

Here is why...

During Ramadan we are meant to read the entire Quran at least once. Tarawih prayer is the reciting of the entire quran throughout the whole month.

Normally when we read the Quran we receive 10 good deeds per letter (Hasna). Now, during Ramadan the good deeds we receive are multiplied abundantly, Alhamdullilah.

This Dunya is like we are preparing for a journey, we are packing our bags (Full of good deeds).

When packing for a holiday we wouldn't pack an 8/20th of a shirt would we? So, why are we, as Muslims, only doing 8 rak'ats of 20 Tarawih?

So, next time you are attending Tarawih prayer at your local mosque, make the intention to do all 20 rak'ats, and when the 8th rak'at finishes wait a few seconds before standing up to leave and ask yourself "What can be more important to me than an extra 45 minutes to an hour of praying and receiving abundant reward and good deeds for Allah's sake?"

We take this Dunya for granted, as my Imam says every night, this could be OUR last Ramadan, so let us take the time, spare the time, for Allah's sake and show him that you want Paradise.


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