Saturday, 4 September 2010

A tip for East London Mosque next Ramadan (Insha'Allah!)

Assalamu Alaikum,

Today's blog post, although it refers specifically to the East London Mosque, one of the BIGGEST Mosques in the UK, this message could also apply to a whole lot more mosques!

Give food to the Muslim Sisters who attend IFTAR!!

Last week a Muslim Sister attended the East London Mosque with a friend with the intention to do Iftar.

The brothers section is on the ground floor, and the Sisters section is upstairs on the 2nd floor.

When she came home, she said she was so disappointed she might be put off going ever again.


There was hardly any food for the Sisters. One sister had a plate of Broccoli only. Others just had chick peas.

It was so bad a Sister risked SINNING to go downstairs to the Brothers section to get food .. why? .. because the Brothers had so much food even their seconds were brimming with fullness!!

And when the Sister did return she'd been given more CHICK PEAS!!! The Sister I am referring too was given a plate of these chick peas, but she noticed there still weren't enough to go around as there were two sisters near her still without food, so, May Allah reward her profusely, she shared her plate of chick peas with the 2 sisters.

Seriously fellow Muslim Brothers, this is really shocking and DISAPPOINTING. You should be ASHAMED of yourselves, I have a lump in my throat just typing this.

So, Insha'Allah, next Ramadan please spare a thought for EVERYONE attending IFTAR at your Mosques.


  1. ELM has been serving food to hundreds of brothers and sisters every night of Ramadan. If something went wrong on one night, please contact the mosque on so it can investigate.

    Please do not be hasty to judge. It will have served over 15,000 meals by the end of Ramadan, largely through volunteers, and it is one of the few mosques to ensure sisters are catered for just as much as brothers.

  2. JazakAllah, I really appreciate your reply.

    The gist of the post was not to be offensive, however sometimes we can only speak in that context to get a point across.

    The Sister's friend went to the ELM again the following night and it happened again and she ended up going across the road to buy a PFC.

    Despite the number of meals ELM feeds, they must ensure that this food is freely available to everyone. There is a saying that (is unfortunatley correct) when something good happens people stay quiet but when something bad happens people are quick to judge and speak out.

    The sister concerned wishes she hadn't said anything now for she wanted reward from Allah for the hardship she suffered, so, yes this is all on me and not her, I was just amazed at the story in the first place.

    The contents of my blog stands, ELM need to be strong in the critisism they receive and bounce back from this even stronger which I know they can.